ICO Risk Register is an independent Initial Coin Offering (ICO) rating company. ICO risk register is also an ICO analysis database that issues independent analytical ICO RiskScore™ and research reports. We also maintain a central DB Register for all the ICO (initial coin offerings) made over time.

For Investors & Venture Capitalists
We're developing and working on benchmark algorithms, standards and policies that can be used for the evaluation of block chain-based companies and their ICO (initial coin offering).Our financial and technical experts provide investors with the information that helps them to to make informed and reasoned decisions about investments in ICO Projects and startups.

The emergence of new BlockChain Model has created gret opportunities for users and investors. but this young market carries significant risks for all the participants due to its lack of quality assessment standards, reliability and transparency of the new projects. This situation has given rise to many un-regulated ICO Projects with higher returns on investments (ICO ROI) being offered in market.

As block chain industry itself is going through the standardization, and adapting to different regulations, there is a complete lack of a reliable set of standards and criteria for the evaluation or Risk Assessment of new ICO Projects.

Investors have to collect the information about these ICO Investments piece by piece from various online and offline resources, company’s websites and discussion forums, where each participant expresses his own subjective point of view.

ICO Risk Register tries to cover all the important facts and figures for customers and summarize all the findings into simple and easily understandable reports.Our benchmark for ICO risk assessment is ICO RiskScore™.This score represents the health and readiness of an ICO. We understand picking a winning team is really hard. Picking a team that can produce a winning software is just as hard. The average consumer — with no ability to assess that risk. What ends up happening is, speculation versus innovation.People tend to invest in ICOs and projects which have no future. Our Due-Deligence reports are specially designed keeping an average consumer in mind.

To Find out more about how ICO Risk Register Team can make you informed decisions about your ICO investments email us on info[@]icoriskregister.com.

For ICO Projects (Token Issuers/Teams/Firms/Companies)
To date,there are no other resources that systematically access, analyze and account all data on ICO (initial coin offering) Projects : technical features of the platform, business model, the team, infrastructure, business and company history, business accreditations, sponsors, ICO risk/reward profile, Return on Investments and many other factors.
But it's this kind of financial and ICO analysis that allows ICO Risk Register to objectively evaluate risks and create a complete picture of the project and its potential financial and development roadmap for investors.

ICO Risk Register's goal is to develop clear assessment standards for ICO (initial coin offering) Projects and assign ICO RiskScore™ based on a transparent and standardized ICO risk assessment.

ICO Risk Register works with issuers and other ICO project teams to verify and validate different legal, financial and technical documents.Each verification step decreases the risk score hence increasing investors trust in the project and its team.These verifications also help investors to distinguish between genuine or scam Initial Coin Offerings (ICO).It was this same approach that turned the traditional stock market into a civilized platform we see today.

ICO Risk Register acts as rating agency that works to minimize the risks of fraud for both issuers and investors in ICO investments so they will have more unbiased information to make their decisions.

These informed and well timed decisions help cut down investment fraud and establish a stable business relationship of trust between investors and token issuers. ICO risk Register is trying to help the ICO (initial coin offering) market achieve necessary standards of quality, transparency and reliability. This will help attract investors and create great funding opportunities for the sincere entrepreneurs and genuine ICO projects and investment oppertunities.

For ICO verification and more information about our services for token issuers and ICO Startups please email us on info[@]icoriskregister.com.

If you have received an email about ICO verification it means one of our customers has requested us to verify and Risk Assess your ICO project. To discuss this further please contact us.