Before you apply ?

1. Make sure your project is in fact an ICO project. You may not accept fiat currency contributions, and should have a clearly stated token distribution schedule.
2. You should have a target launch date, a launch media strategy, a maximum cap and minimum goal, and a list of the types of cryptocurrencies accepted as contributions to your ICO project.
3. You should also have a plan for token distribution after your ICO is complete.
4. Prepare supporting materials and documentation, including a detailed business plan, a white paper, team profile, etc., to show us the potential your project has.
5.You are ready to start a verification process.This helps our ICO Risk assessment experts meet all necessary benchmarks before a issuing an ICO RiskScoreā„¢.

*The more detailed your materials are, the higher the chance you have of getting listed on ICO Risk Register. Please don't apply until you are fully ready to launch your ICO. ** Due to large amount of applications we receive , our turn around may be slow. We apologize in advance.

Start Verification Process

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