ICO RiskScore™

* ICO Risk Score is a benchmark scale of ICO Risk Assesment. ICO Risk Register is an independent Initial Coin Offering (ICO) analysis and rating agency, on-demand due diligence service providers and centralized ICO risk assessment register that issues independent analytical ICO RiskScore™.
** Issuers can get in touch to get their ICO RiskScore™ updated or added to the ICO Risk Register.

ICO RiskScore™ - FAQs
Our algorithms, standards and policies are constantly under development and update,there may be changes announced separately at a later date.

ICO RiskScore is intended to evaluate the risk of potential fraud, as well as a ICO project’s overall quality. A high Risk score indicates that there is little available information about the product, team and project legal, financial or technical documentation, which suggests the project is less likely to be verified and succeed.

ICO Project evaluation is based on elements such as:

• ICO Analysis

• ICO Team

• ICO White Paper


• Legal

• Escrow

• Partners

• Consultants

• Accreditation

• Address Verification

• Legal Documents Verification

• Financial Documents Verification

• Team Interviews and Presentation with our board of experts

* No Legal / Financial documents related to ICOs are shared with public. These verification documents are stored with ICO Risk Register in offline encrypted storage.

ICOs can take many forms, but all of them utilize Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). Investors will typically give virtual currencies to an ICO issuer in exchange for a proprietary digital medium of exchange on the DLT platform, being termed a “coin” or “token”.
In some cases the proprietary tokens will not represent an underlying financial asset; for example, a DLT token may represent a digital identity record, a voting right, or simply access to software running on a DLT platform.

The purpose of ICO Risk score is to give an ICO investor first impression of the project and evaluate the honesty of the intentions of the project’s founders. If all the project’s elements have been thoroughly and scrupulously worked through, there is less chance that the project will turn out to be a scam.

The score Is given out of 10 where higher the number means higher the risk. The lower it is, the lower the risk of fraud is and the higher the project’s quality is.

The secondary purpose of the ICO Risk score is to evaluate the quality of the project and thus make the chances of successful ICO and future growth possible.